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PlayStation 5 Repair Services
We Provide Repairs and Services for all Genarations of PS5
Broken HDMI Socket on Your PS5
We replace Faulty/Broken HDMI Ports/Sockets on all Genarations of PS5's. All Ports/Sockets are of OEM Standard and installed under HD Cam for OEM Standard solder work and you'll get a Liquid Metal Check or Replacement and MX on all other Thermal Point to complete the work and keep your console at correct tempreture. WANT TO KNOW MORE
PS5 Lasers and Laser Decks
We replace faulty PS5 Lasers and complete Laser Decks, in most cases, it's just the Laser that fails but in some case it's not just the Laser and it's most cost-effective to replace the whole Laser Desk which ensures a good lifespan and eradicates read errors, so if your console won't read red, blue or either type of DVD give us a call for a quote.
Storage Upgrades for PS5
Not enough space on your PS5 for more games, we can upgrade your Storage capacity to a larger one from 512GBs HDDs to 3TBs SSD M2 NVMe Blade. Call for a quote on upgrades and data migration to larger storage.
PSU Replacement for your PS5
PSU Replacement for all Genarations of PS5, please call for availability and quotations as prices vary due to availability
In some cases PSUs can be repaired so call for more info.
What All Gamers Should Know
All Game Consoles need maintenance. This is due to dust particles and the end of life in thermal core products which leads to overheating and stress on other components including the APU and there's a good rule to go by. If it gets hot, has a fan and the fan becomes very high then book it in for a Core Service or you risk breakage. Click Here For More
WG IT Better Efficient Cooling
Fan Modification for your PS5
Want a cooler running console. You can do more than just Core Servicing, you can Mod up your Fan. This Modification will increase cooling on your APU which will increase the lifespan of your Core Thermal Product and the rest of the internal components. This in turn keeps the whole Console cooler which is good for you, your console and your wallet.
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020 8262 0472
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