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Computer, Laptop and Mac Repair Services

Repair Services for Desktops, Custom Builds, Laptops, Mac Air, MacBook Pro, iMac

Custom Desktop Repair Services
We Build, Repair and Service
all Air & Liquid Cooled
Custom Desktops
Desktop Repair Services
We Repair and Service all
Desktops from Home PC
to Workstations
Laptop Repair Services
We Repair and Service all
Laptops, Notepads and
Apple Mac Repair Services
We Repair and Service
Mac Air, MacBook Pro,
Mac Mini, iMac and
Mac Pro Tower.

For Your Laptop Needs

We repair most Laptops, Note Books and Netbooks from most manufacturers and do our best to cater to all models produced and some legacy models too.

For Your Desktop Needs

We repair most Desktop Towers, SFF's and AIO's from most manufacturers and do our best to cater to all models in or out of production.

For Your Apple Mac Needs

We Service and Repair all Macs within the limitations of third party repairs and servicing

For Your Custom Desktop Needs

We Build, Service and Repair all worthy Custom Builds from Intel to AMD with or without Liquid Cooling.

What All Users Should Know

We all rely on our PCs every day for work and play, from simple surfing, emails, or paying bills. If your PC becomes broken or unusable, it's a big problem, so here's the thing. All PCs need maintenance and there's a good rule to go by; If it gets hot and has a fan and it becomes high then book it in for a Core Service. Look after it and it will look after you.

More Than Just Tools

It takes more than just tools to get the job done; it requires skills, good knowledge, and the right products for the job at hand. We also believe all workshops should have at least one technician with certification to make sure workmanship quality is of a high standard and worthy of the cost involved.
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