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Computer, Laptop, Mac, Game Console and Electronic Device Repair Services

Computer Repair Services
AIO Desktops, SFF Desktops
Tower Desktop & Laptop
Repair Services
Game Console Repair Services
PlayStation 4 Series, PlayStation 5
Xbox One Series, Xbox Series X
Repairs & Services
Mac Repair Services
Mac Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro Tower
Repair Services or Maintenance
Electronic Repairs
We Repair Most Electronics
From Power Amp's
to PCBs

What We Offer

We have great working hours to suit most people, we know how busy most people are and most workshops are closed when their work day is over, but you'll find us open till 7:30PM. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, work and great low prices. We can bring you great prices because our overheads are lower than most and as a customer you benefit from that and have the satisfaction of knowing you got the best price for the service. CONTACT US

All Devices Need Maintenance Due to Workload and Duty

Overheating Services

Particle Servicing AKA (Core Servicing) are extremely important part of maintenance for all PC's / Game Consoles and should be carried out annually or your machine could be at risk to thermal issues that can course freezing, and even CPU, GPU or APU failure.

Most Work is covered by our 1 Year Warranty and Manufacturer Part Warranty

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Windows 10 / 11, OS X Reloads, BIOS Solutions, Amp Repairs, Soldering and Micro Soldering ps5 xbox one s xbox one x
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