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Desktop Repair Services
We provide Repairs and Services for Desktop Towers, SFF Desktops, AIO Desktops.
Desktop Repair Services
We Repair and Service all
Home Desktops
to Workstations
SFF Desktops Repair Services
We Repair and Service all
SFF Desktops
AIO Desktops Repair Services
We Repair and Service all
AIO Desktops
RAM Replacement or Upgrade
We replace faulty RAM or install RAM Upgrades in DDR3 and DDR4, we can source Legacy RAM in some cases for most Legacy Computers. In most RAM issues you will find your PC may be chashing or have a (BSOD) Blue Screen Of Death scenario. If your not sure or you need an upgrade just give us a call in our working hours.

All Types of Storage for
Your Desktop
You'll find the 3.5 HDD in most Desktops but offten in new Desktop Models you'll 2.5 SSD and or M2 SATA / NVMe storage. We source all storage for all types of interfaces or install interfaces to upgrade to better and faster storage.

Desktop PCIe Card Installations
We install all types of PCIe Cards for all types of work or just simple upgrades from storage, sound and graphics cards.
What All Users Should Know
We all rely on our PCs every day for work and play, from simple surfing, emails, or paying bills. If your PC becomes broken or unusable, it's a big problem, so here's the thing. All PCs need maintenance and there's a good rule to go by; If it gets hot and has a fan and it becomes high then book it in for a Core Service. Look after it and it will look after you, Click Here For More..
Windows 10 Installations
Home and Pro
We install all types of Windows 10 from Legacy to UEFI in 32 or 64-bit architecture. As Windows 10 is on what is known as Feature Updates you have to stay ahead of the game so you need to keep up to date with your spec if you want a quick smooth running PC with the Windows 10 202H Build. You'll need a recommended 5th Gen Intel i3/5/7 upwards or the equivalent in AMD with 8GB's RAM and defiantly an SSD Storage. Unsure, just give us a call in our working hours.
Rear Unit
79 Joyden Drive
Chadwell Heath
Romford RM6 4ST
020 8262 0472
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