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Electronic Services

We provide Repairs and Services in Amplifiers, TVs
Soldering, Micro Soldring, Solder Flowing, PCBs and PCB Kit Assembly.

Amplifier Repairs
We repair most Amplifiers
from PA's, Legacy and
Home Cinema
PCB Kit Assembly
We build and fit
most PCB Kits
You bring it and
we'll build it
Soldering Services
We run all types of
Soldering Services.
Iron Work to

Amplifier Repairs and Services

We provide Audio Amplifier Repairs and Services in East London, Ilford and Romford Areas. From Transistor, MosFet, Capacitor, Inductor and Transformer Replacement, or maybe your Amplifier has burnt or scorched out some Resistors and Diodes, don’t worry we can repair your Amplifier and get your sounds back on. We can also Diagnose the small stuff. Now Amp's have become more complicated with built in Home Cinema Systems and SMD Components on board you need the right equipment to get the job done.

Project Kit and Mod Kit Assembly

We use air stations to work and rework components that are very small or have too many solder points to flow at the same time with a standard soldering iron. Hot air is now the more common way of soldering these types of components and it brings a factory finish to solder joints on any PCB.

Soldering Work and PCB Repair

We run Soldering Service in all types of Soldering from Standard Ironwork to BGA Flow Soldering, we also repair PCBs by reworking new components in track/traces and finishing the work with a UV Solder Mask.
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