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Apple Mac Repair Services

Repairs and Services for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and Pro Towers

Mac Air
We Repair and Service
Mac Air
Macbook Pro
We Repair and Service
Macbook Pro
Mac Mini
We Repair and Service
Mac Mini Too
We Service and Repair
Mac Pro Tower
We Also Service and Repair
Mac Pro Towers

New RAM or RAM Upgrade
On Your Mac

We replace faulty RAM or install RAM Upgrades in DDR3 and DDR4. In most RAM issues you will find your Mac may be chashing or have a freeze scenario. If your not sure or you need an upgrade just give us a call in our working hours.

Upgrade or New Mac Storage

For more speed on Legacy Macbooks, Mac Pro Towers or many iMacs install a SSD SATA storage capacity instead of a HDD which will slow down any Mac or PC, this is why Apple moved to Solid State Storage many Apples ago.

Firmware Master Password
Removal / Unlocking

We can remove most Firmware Master Passwords on most Apple Macs 2017 and older, if your Mac has a T1 or T2 we will not be able to assist you in Master Password removal.
What All Users Should Know
We all rely on our PCs every day for work and play, from simple surfing, emails, or paying bills. If your PC becomes broken or unusable, it's a big problem, so here's the thing. All PCs need maintenance and there's a good rule to go by; If it gets hot and has a fan and it becomes high then book it in for a Core Service. Look after it and it will look after you. Click Here For More..

Mac OS X Installations

We install Mac OS-X from Sierra 10.12 to Big Sur 10.16 depending on your Mac Spec, you'll also receive Office 2019, Chrome, PDF Reader, AVG, and all Mac OS Updates Complete for the best completion on your new OS-X. Unsure, just give us a call during our working hours.
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