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Amplifier Repairs and Services
We provide Repairs and Services for most Amplifiers.
This includes PA Amps, Power Amps, Home Cinema Amps and Legacy Amps
Legacy Amplifiers
We repair Legacy Amplifiers depending on their condition, part/component availability and cost. It must be cost-effective and or acceptable for a customer. In some cases, the Amplifier may beyond repair on cost and parts/components.
Home Cinema Amplifier Repairs
Home Cinema Amplifier repairs, source parts/components in many cases we can, but in some cases, it may be an international source which may take some time, but well worth the wait for that HD Audio to go with your Movies.

Power Amp Parts and Repairs
We repair Power Amps from most manufacturers and do our best to cater to all models in or out of production. Give us a call for a quotation or to book in.

Repairs on PA Amplifiers
We Service and Repair PA's, this includes Mic Address and DJ Amps, most OEM brands have easy to find parts/components due to these Amps being designed for workload and this will lead to failure at some point. This leads to available OEM parts/components and tend to be fairly priced compared to Legacy or HC Amps. Call For A Quote.
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