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Soldering Services

We provide Standard Iron Work alongside Micro Soldering and Solder Flowing

We also provide Repairs and Services in PCB Repair, PCB / Mod Kit Assembly

Standard Iron Work

We produce great solder workmanship in Unleaded Solder, Leaded Solder and Leaded Solder with 2% Silver for the best possible joints in PCB work and re-work to make our work robust and durable.

Hot Air Rework

We use air stations to work and rework components that are very small or have too many solder points to flow at the same time with a standard soldering iron. Hot air is now the more common way of soldering these types of components and it brings a factory finish to joints on PCBs

BGA Rework

We Rework many IC's on Many PCB's but not all as it must be cost-effective and the PCB must in good stead or the work could fail. It also depends on the age of the PCB and if we're just flowing or re-chipping.
I'm currently NOT operating in BGA Repairs at this time.
What You Should Know About BGA
Working BGA is an intricate process that requires knowledge of PCBs and the IC tolerance of that IC on that PCB. There are specs and guidelines for PCBs and ICs in the way of Max Temp and the duration of that Temp, a big factor in Re-Working PCBs is ´╗┐moisture in PCB or moreover the ICs because of ´╗┐delamination. ´╗┐Delamination is destructive and sometimes an unknown fact to most. Electronic devices that have been kept in poor places and or conditions and shelved ICs can gain moisture if not kept correctly so every PCB and IC must go through an anti-moisture procedure to eliminate delamination before work can begin.

Track / Trace and Solder Masking

We Re-Build Pads with a copper replacement and Tracks/Traces the correct gauge wire to suite the job in hand, once Pads and or Tracks/Traces have been install we then continuity test and mask with the closest colour UV Mask.
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