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Core Services

We Core Service Gaming Desktops, Desktops, Laptops and Game Consoles.

This is a service that's required every 12 to 18 months depending on the duty of the device. If you're a heavy gamer 12 months is your best bet to keep your console in good condition, if your console or desktop is in low use the 18 month period is your best bet for core serving, these are good examples for servicing periods for the benefit of your device and wallet.

BSOD Blue Screen Of Death

If your PC is not serviced at any point it can start overheating, this includes all types of Desktops, Laptop, Mac and Consoles. The overheating issue tends to show itself in PC's as a BSOD and shuts down and restarts for Console it's a shutdown with a warning stating the console is too hot, in both cases the devices are trying to avoid core failure.

Laptop Fan and Heatsink

You can see here that this Laptop Fan and Heatsink are blocked causing the Laptop to overheat and fail with a BSOD. The continuous running of a Laptop would at some point cause the CPU to fail and would need replacing which may or may not be within economical repair for the user.

PlayStation 4 APU Cooling Fan

Here we can see the PS4 APU Cooling fan is in bad shape, in this case, the blades are bond with tacky dust debris causing the fan to be impaired when it tries to manipulate the are into the heatsink the airflow is very poor, the heatsink is in the same condition. These two factors brought this PS4 to what we call a (BLOD) Blue Light Of Death, this was a costly repair.

PlayStation 4 APU Heatsink Blocked

This APU Heatsink Blocked badly by dust and smoke debris and coausing this PlayStation to shutdown, once the PS4 Console is Core Service the overheating issue with be resolved and will run without high fan or thermal shutdowns.
Better Efficient Cooling
Blue Rotating Fan

Core Servicing and Fan Mods

We Install all Types of Fan Mod for PlayStation and Microsoft which with the correct Thermal Paste cretes Excellent Thermal Profiles to keep you console cooler and great shape, this improves lifespan and repair costs. Fan Mods range in costs and even the lowest cost Fan Mod with a Core Service with a good Thermal Paste will extend cooling capability by 30%.
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