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Data Recovery and Destruction

We provide Low Level Data Recovery and Data Destruction

Low Level Data Recovery for HDD / SSD

Low-Level Data Recovery consists of deleted files and or partitions on 2.5, 3.5 and M2 Storage Capacities from standard HDD to Hybrid HDD, 2.5 SSD, M2 NGFF and NVMe Blade Capacities. Please note, if your storage has completely failed and the heads are critical and crashing you need a High-Level Data Recovery Company.

USB Stick Data Recovery

We can in most cases retrieve data from broken USB sticks/thumb drives depending on the type of damage to said storage, this can range from physical damage to failed electronics. Unsure, give us a Call during our working hours.

Data / Partition Recovery
For M2 Storage

Just like any Storage Capacity, it can become corrupt, files can be deleted or lost along with Partitions, so no matter what platform you're on; like Windows or OS X we can attempt Data or Partition Recovery and for peace of mind it's no Data no Fee.

SMD Data Recovery Services

We provide data recovery services for Surface Mount Devices (SMD’s). These Devices are in most cases Storage Devices in Mobile Devices. We recover Data that can’t be accessed conventionally, the device may not function and maybe dead. Then the only way to recover the Data is via J-Tag, which allows the Technician to connect directly to the PCB or lifting SMD Storage off board and connecting via Direct Socket Interface. So if you have Pictures you can’t access to theses fact’s above just give us a call.

Distroiy My Data

Affordable Secure Data Destruction

We provide Secure Data Destruction Services in East London, Ilford and Romford. Data is Destroyed via these types methods; IE:-<wbr> (British HMG IS5 Enhanced) or (NSA 130-2) which is accompanied by a secure PDF with proof of Destruction via Storage SNID with Method of said Destruction and Verification completion.

Choose your Method

1 - One pass random (quick, low security) 2 - US DoD 5220.22-M (slow, high security) 3 - US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) (slow, high security) 4 - Canadian OPS-II (slow, high security) 5 - British HMG IS5 Baseline (slow, high security) 6 - British HMG IS5 Enhanced (slow, high security) 7 - Russian GOST p50739-95 (slow, high security) 8 - US Army AR380-19 (slow, high security) 9 - US Air Force 5020 (slow, high security) 10 - Navso P-5329-26 (RL) (high security)
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