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Our Certification

These days, many people can say they’ve lost someone to this terrible disease and we here the word term cancer we here more and more often. They have had some break through's, but none of us are safe and we need to do more; much more. Please use the icon above to donate if you wish, many thanks…

We are electrical, electronic and computer technicians that provide services in these fields to the public and commercial sectors and repair most devices.

Certification with CompTIA, ECDL, City & Guilds.


CompTIA ID:- COMP001006694822

Our Views

We intend to bring you the best parts and labour prices on all devices on a continuous basis to bring the expense of repairs down and beat our competition all year round. This is our price promise and quality assurance for our whole customer base whether your private or commercial.

We also offer the no fix no fee assurance.

It works like this. When we take on a device and we diagnose it and price the work fairly and you agree for the work to proceed, we dissolve the diagnostics fee; however is you refuse said quote we charge a diagnostic fee.

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About Us

We are a family home run business that prides itself in quality services and great low prices with a No Fix No Fee Policy. We can bring you great prices because our overheads are lower and as a customer you benefit from that and have the satisfaction of knowing you got the best price for the service that you received.

We have great working hours to suit most people, we know how busy most people are and most workshops are closed when their work day is over. This is why you will find us open till 8PM on week days, we are even open on Saturday for the very very busy people.

Please call us any time.