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WG IT Computers and Consoles

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Sold Trading Business

I'm a Sold Trading business that prides itself in quality repairs and services with low prices. I do my very best to bring low prices because my overheads are lower, you as a customer benefit from that and have the satisfaction of knowing you got the best price for the repair or service that you received.

I have great working hours to suit most people, we know how busy most people are and most workshops are closed when their work day is over. This is why you will find us open till 7:30 PM on week days.
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Our Views

I intend to bring you the best prices on parts and labour on a continuous basis on all devices to bring the expense of repairs down and beat the competition all year round. This is my price and quality promise assurance for our customer base whether your're private or commercial.

I also offer some no fix no fee assurances in some cases but not all. Many repairs depend on the depth and duration of diagnostics.

Diagnostic Charges Works Like This.

A devices taken in for repair will be diagnosed, I will then do my best to price the work fairly. If you agree with the priced repair I'll proceed and dissolve the diagnostics fee.
However, if you refuse the quoted price, I charge a hour diagnostic fee. Some diagnostics can be more than an hour; this will also be stated.

Our Certification

Electrical, Electronic, Computer Technician that provides repairs and services in these fields
I provide repairs and services public and commercial sectors and repair most devices.
Certification with CompTIA, ECDL, City & Guilds.

CompTIA ID:- COMP001006694822
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