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Terms and Conditions

Please Read Our Terms & Conditions

We’ve tried to keep our Terms and Conditions as simple and clear as possible to give you all the information about the services you will receive from WG IT Computer and Console Repair Services so that you completely understand the whole process, from diagnostics to work completion and beyond. It’s really important to us that you spend a few minutes to read on.

You are accepting our T’s and C’s every time you agree to work / services

My Conditions Works Like This
( Before you read on Please Note )
Only some work is
surveyed under a No Fix No Fee Policy so please ask first or we may point this out before
surveyed diagnostics and if the fault is unknown this is a repair attempt NOT NFNF.
However, if it's surveyed under a No Fix No Fee Policy the Policy Rules are set out below.
If you bring a device to me and we inform you that the device can be fixed, for a fixed price, which you agree to, but we fail to fix said device, there will be no charges made. If you bring a device to us and we inform you that the device can be fixed for a fixed price, which should be no greater than 65% of its A-Grade Value and you do not agree with the price there will be a chargeable fee of one hour to cover diagnostics labour time.

New Software / For Hardware Fault Diagnostics
I can't always operate under a NFNF in the case where a New OS (Windows, OSX, Linux or FreeBSD) needs to be loaded to locate a Hardware Fault that would require a clean OS to do so; this is so it can be proved its Hardware rather than a Software issue. To summarise we would use a Dummy HDD with a clean OS if your machine operates standard SATA at 2.5 or 3.2 HDD Hardware, if for instance your Machine is M.2 SSD Blade or MVME Blade we would have to Load a clean OS on said storage capacity to be sure but will Migrate Data for FREE up to 250GBs and every 50GBs more is just small incremental cost and a standard cost for a Standard OS Load with complimentary Soft-Pack.

The refusal of testing on any device for any reason including Data will Void our No Fix No Fee policy, all devices or electronics that carry Data must be tested so it can be claimed that device IS or IS NOT repaired. we’re also bound by the Data Protection Act via Certification and our Own Policy so in the case of Data Recovery and Storage Repair we must test access, size and integrity of said Data, No Testing result in our No Fix No Fee Policy being VOID.

BIOS / UEFI Firmware Repair Services
We do NOT repair BIOS / UEFI Firmware under a NFNF due to the amount of work needed to make this type of repair which includes in most cases a complete teardown of device to the Mother or Logic Board to gain access to the EEPROM IC (Chip) which may be a 150 or 200 package. Said package may or may not be able to be read and writen in situation depending on the Mother or Logic Board design, in may cases the EEPROM IC (Chip) will have to be reworked off of the Mother or Logic Board so it can be read backed up and writen; then reworked back on and test for a repair. Also, all completed Firmware Work will be Core Service with Arctic MX2/4 to keep CPU / GPU / APU at correct device temperature.

>>> All diagnostic fees are dissolved on the completion of agreed priced work <<<

Our Labour Warrantee Works Like This
All Repair Labour provided by us will carry a 1 Year Warrantee unless stated other wise.
EG - BGA Re-Work and other the types of Said BGA Work would NOT carry a 1 Year
Warrantee, see below.
Other types of reduced or no
Warrantee would be if said device is in very poor condition and customer is advised not to repair and we're asked to proceed, this would carry little or no Warrantee.

Our Part Warrantee Works Like This
All new parts come with their manufacturer warrantee; if said part fails it would be dealt with under said warrantee. All A-Grade parts come with a 90 day warrantee if supplied by vendor/supplier; said parts will be replaced within said warrantee.

Our labour warrantee runs alongside your parts warrantee, this will be upheld as long as there has been no hardware / software tampering post date of the repair. This includes viruses, malware, malicious ware or any cracked or hacked programming that may affected the running operating system.

Our Soldering and Rework Warranty Works Like This
Standard Iron Work for the period of 1 Year as long as there’ s no tampering.
Reflows carry NO Warranty as the internal integrity of the balling cannot be check in any way, therefore Reflowing is simply rejuvenating the Balling via Flow and Flux, Not replacement of the Balling.   
The Re-Balling of BGA Sites and IC’s carry the period of a 6 months as long as there’ s no tampering.

Our Socket and Port Warranty Works Like OEMs Warranty
All our New Sockets and Ports come with a 1 Year Warranty and covers the part (Socket / Port) and the fitting labour of said part and also would include Core Servicing if needed. Please Note:- The Warrnty will be void for POOR / BAD Plugging OR if the (Socket / Port) has been Stressed and or Pulled in any direction to cause poor / bad connection or disconection of (Socket / Port); this would VOID the Warranty.

Our Hologram Warranty Seals Works Like This
If our Seals are in tact the Warranty is in tact, the Warranty period will be in most case set out on your receipt of work. Our standard repairs come under a 90 Day Warranty unless the Warranty is stated on your receipt which will ether be a 6 months or one year. The tempering, breaking or removal of our Hologram Warranty Seals voids all Warranty, whether it is spoken or written in our receipt of work, there will be NO negotiation of refund nor work if said seals are tampered with, broken or removed it will be completely void, Voided or Invalid.

>>Hologram Warranty Seals are pointed out to Customers on pickup so this is NOT Misconstrued <<

Our Repaired and Abandoned Devices Policy Works Like This
If I have quote you price and repaired said device and you do not or choose not to collect and pay for said repair, your device we will kept for 90 day and no more. You will be contacted via any means available.

Through out this period we will endeavour to contact you at least once in 90 days for payment and collection, this attempt will include my final warning. If you choose not to ignore my attempt to contact you for payment / collection we will break device down to re-coop my costs in labour and or said pats that we used to repair your device for work completion.

Devices Repaired, Un-Repaired and Abandoned
(DECD's) Dead Electronic Consumable Devices) that are Un-Repaired due to the fact they are Beyond Repair (BR’s) or (Beyond Economical Repair (BER’s) will be disposed of after 90 days of customer notification. I cannot afford and will not tolerate (BR's or BER's) left for more than 90 days due to my storage capacity and there dead electronic worth.

Therefore, under my (KIG (Keep It Green Policy), these (DECD's) Dead Electronic Consumable Devices) will be discharged in the correct manor via the county waist disposal services at no cost to customer as this is part of my (KIG Policy), said (DECD's) Dead Electronic Consumable Devices) may not be available after said date.

Customers will be reminded at least once via our email ticket system which all customers are logged into via their email address which they have already been communicating on, after 90 days period it will be disposed of or broken down to claim any oustanding fees for diagnostics, repair attempts, or repair.

Last Updated 1st of Feb 2022
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