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Terms and Conditions

We’ve tried to keep our Terms and Conditions as clear as possible and give you all the information about the services you will receive from WG IT Computer & Console Services so that you completely understand the whole process, from diagnostics to work completion and beyond. It’s really important to us that you spend a few minutes to read on.

You’re accepting our T’s & C’s every time you agree to work / services to be achieved.

Our No Fix No Fee Conditions

Our no fix no fee works like this.

If you bring a device to us and we inform you that the device can be fixed, for a fixed price, which you agree to, but we fail to fix said device, there will be no charges made.

If you bring a device to us and we inform you that the device can be fixed for a fixed price, which should be no greater than 65% of its A-Grade Value and you do not agree with the price there will be a chargeable fee of one hour to cover diagnostics labour time.

Warrantee Conditions

Our Warrantee works like this.

All new parts come with their manufacturer warrantee; if said part fails it would be dealt with under said warrantee. All A-Grade parts come with a 90 day warrantee; said parts will be replaced within said warrantee.  Our labour warrantee runs alongside your parts warrantee, this will be upheld as long as there has been no hardware / software tampering post date of the repair. This includes viruses, malware, malicious ware or any cracked or hacked programming that may affected the running operating system.

Warranty on Rework Soldering

Our Soldering Rework Warranty works like this.

Standard Iron Work for the period of a one year as long as there’ s no tampering.

Reflows carry NO Warranty as the internal integrity of the balling cannot be check in any way, therefore Reflowing is simply rejuvenating the Balling via Flow and Flux, Not replacement of the Balling.   

The Re-Balling of BGA Sites and IC’s carry the period of a one year as long as there’ s no tampering.

Hologram Warranty Seals

Our Hologram Warranty Seals works like this.

If our Seals are in tact the Warranty is in tact, the Warranty period will be in most case set out on your receipt of work. Our standard repairs come under a 90 Day Warranty unless the Warranty is stated on your receipt which will ether be a 6 months or one year.

The tempering, breaking or removal of our Hologram Warranty Seals voids all Warranty, whether it is spoken or written in our receipt of work, there will be NO negotiation of refund nor work if said seals are tampered with, broken or removed it will be whole void.

The Hologram Warranty Seals are pointed out to all customers on pickup so this is not misconstrued.