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Soldering &

Micro Soldering

Tech on PS4 APU Reflow

We offer Standard Soldering Iron Rework, Micro Soldering, Re-Flowing and Re-Balling on all Printed Circuit Boards from motherboards, engine management unit boards for car’s, bikes and all electrical or electronic devices in your home or at work. just bring the device with or without the new or damaged component that needs replacing, it’s that simple.

Chick to Expand PS4 APU BGA Site

PS4 1st Gen APU Re-Ball Rework

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Xbox Re-Ball Rework

Chick to Expand PS4 HDMI Socket Re-Trace Due to Broken Pad's Chip Migration

iPhone 6 Rework on U2 IC

PS4 APU with BGA Site

Xbox One S HDMI Port Repair

Flow soldering is the most common method of attaching surface mount components to a circuit board. The goal of the Flow process is to melt the solder and heat the adjoining surfaces, without overheating and damaging the electrical components. In the conventional Flow soldering process, there are usually four stages, called "zones", each having a distinct thermal profile: preheat, thermal soak (often shortened to just soak), flow or reflow, and cooling.

PS4 HDMi Re-Trace & Mask

Bridged Balling Under Micro Chip

Testing and Standard Iorn Work

PS4 HDMI Scaler Micro Chip

Testing & Standard Soldering

Standard Iron Work, Micro Soldering & BGA Rework

Click to Expand Failed Solder Mask BGA Site

Asus DC Socket Replacement