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Due to COVID 19


83 Primrose Ave

Chadwell Heath




020 8262 0472

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We take the threat of COVID very seriously so we use a high end surgical detergent. This is a cleaning component that we’ve always carried in stock for cleaning PCB Board after repair, the solution is known as IPA @ 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol which is known kill COVID at a mix of 75% but we don’t dilute it, we use at 99.9%. All devices repaired or not by us are cleaned on entry and exit with IPA, this also includes device, leads and bag’s they’re brought in to combat COVID migration from device to device while waiting on our work entry and exit workload shelves. Also sprayed a final time on delivery.

Rule 1- You must book via Phone and or Ticket System to arrange pickup day, pickups are between 6PM & 8PM.

Rule 2- You must wear a mask at all times while we’re dropping off or picking up your device, place your device on your doorstep and close the door, we will call you when we’re at your location.

Rule 3- All payments are now on-line banking only and must be paid before drop off and to back your payment we send proof of repair and or work is sent to your email in the form of an image.

IE- HD Photo of said repair and or work.

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