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CoreBoot & LibreBoot Services

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We provide CoreBoot and LibreBoot Burn Service in East London, Ilford and Romford Area which provides a fast, reliable, secure, and predictable boot-firmware solution for numerous modern and legacy chipsets. There are millions of devices running CoreBoot or LibreBoot, including Google Chrome Books and Chrome Boxes, and it runs in many data centres. In 2016, coreboot.org has over 300 active developers, and roughly 60000 lines of code are added each quarter. We may need to rework EEPROM off, write with a burn socket and rework back on, we find this option is more work but error free when it comes down to a clean burn, so just give us a call.

All our repair services come with a labour and part warrantee to suit the job at hand, if your unsure of what this means please refer to our T & C’s or query us face to face.   

GigaDevice MCU

Programmable GigaDevice ARM MCU’s with onboard SPI Flash Memory Embedded.

Toshiba BGA NADA Storage

Toshiba NAND Storage ICs are becoming more frequent as tech is cheaper devices

Winbond 25Q80NEXIG WSON

You will find Winbond in many devices from PC’s to Apple and TV’s all carrying firmware

WSON EPROM's on Laptops, but Apple been using them for some time.

We also program other Devices too, you’ll find Firmware is in all most everything from PC’s to Apple’s and on to TV’s, DVD Players, TV Home Hub’s, Home Cinema systems, Car’s and more. We have a variety of Programmer Hardware to choose from and a good Data Base of Images to work from and if it’s not on our Image Data Base, there’s a good chance we can source it and repair your device. We do see Hardware failure from time to time, like a broken EEPROM Chip; which we can also rectify by sourcing the correct EEPROM, it can even be a change of EEPROM Manufacturer, but as long as the spec’s correct we can then Program the EEPROM and rework it back on to your PCB, in most cases we will always lift the IC off board as it produces better results. Just give us a call for info and a quote…

Click Here for Apple Lock Out

You will find Winbond in many devices this includes Apple Mac, we can unlock your firmware, Click Here or Picture for Info.

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