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Amplifier Repair Services East London

Onkyo TX-RZ800

We provide Audio Power Amplifier Repair Services in East London, Ilford and Romford Areas, from Transistor, MosFet, Capacitor, Inductor and Transformer Replacement, or maybe your Amplifier has burnt or scorched out some Resistors and Diodes, don’t worry we can repair your Amplifier and get your sounds back on. We can also Diagnose the small stuff. Now Amp's have become more complicated with built in Home Cinema Systems and SMD Components on board you need the right equipment to get the job done.

Click to Expand 6Amp 400V Diode

Blown Diodes can knock out your Transistors / MosFet, we can fix that for you too.

Click to Expand Classic EQP-1A Inductor Computer Serives

Replacement Capacitor to suit your Amp or upgrade for a better life span.  

Transistors go short from time to time, one of the most common faults we fix.

Click to see Amp Transistors

Inductor, not a device we see a lot of faults on, but can fail due age or contamination

Click to Expand 100V High-Performance Audio Transformer Click to Expand Toroidal Transformers

Audio 240 AC Volt Transformers can fail and not as durable as Toroidal Transformers

240 AC Volt Toroidal Transformers, well made and durable, the best replacement

Click to Expand Amp Mosfet Click to get a better look at 600v Rectifier

MosFet’s go short from time to time, one of the less common faults we fix.

Rectifiers can go short and you’ll now if it has due a blown main fuse, will fix it.

All our repair services come with a labour and part warrantee to suit the job at hand, if your unsure of what this means please refer to our T & C’s or query us face to face.   

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