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Solved Error CE-38478-0 Solution

The Error Code CE-38478-0 renders PS4 Games useless and crashes on load or in game play.

It’s associated with Software corruption and most users go through many solutions; this includes many types of web browsers to download the PUP File, storage media formats, many types of USB Storage Devices and even changing out the Hard Disk Drive. If you go this far and still can’t get your PS4 to load games and play without fault at this point you never will because the issue is none of the above, it’s a Main Board fault and it requires Tech Services like us to resolve it so just give us a call for a quote...

Web Browsers

Tried All of These

Error Code ce-38478-0 Solution Picture

PS4 Error Code CE-38478-0

USB Storage Sticks

Tried loads of these

2.5 Hard Disk Drives

You’ve Tried these Too