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 SMD Data Recovery Services

We provide data recovery services for Surface Mount Devices (SMD’s). These Devices are in most cases Storage Devices in Mobile Devices. We recover Data that can’t be accessed conventionally; the mobile device may not function and be dead, so the only way to recover the data needed is via J-Tag, by connecting to the PCB or lifting SMD Storage off board and connecting via Direct Socket Interface. So if you have Pictures you can’t access to theses fact’s above just give us a call.

Burn Socket

Burn Socket Adaptor

Easy J-Tag Plus



EMMC Package

Laptop HDD

Data Recovery for Computers, Laptops, iPhones, SSD’s, HDD’s, Game Consoles and more. All our services come with a labour and part warrantee to suit the job at hand, if your unsure of what this means please refer to our T & C’s or query us face to face.

Easy J-Tag Programmer